Backup WordPress Plugin Review

Backup WordPress PluginBackupWordPress is a free plugin for WordPress which creates an automatic backup of your files and databases.

You can also use it to automatically create a backup of your database everyday rather than creating a backup of your files as well.

If you DON’T create backup and store it away from your web server, you risk losing everything like these 4,800 websites lost with NO chance of recovery.

BackupWordPress is one of the best free WordPress plugins for creating backup of both your files and databases automatically BUT how do you restore them?

You would need to understand how to restore both your files and databases which can take some time to learn.

BackupWordPress does a great job of creating a backup of your WordPress site but it won’t help you migrate to a new domain or web hosting server. It also won’t change your URL’s if you want to use it when changing domains.


The plugin settings couldn’t be easier to configure

Automatic Backups – Choose to automate your backups or disable this setting and complete a backup manually when you need to.

Frequency of Backups – Choose frequency of backups – daily, weekly, monthly

What to Backup – Choose to backup files & databases or either files or databases

Number of Backups – Choose how backups to keep on your server

Email Backups – Email your database backup if its under 10 mg

Excludes – Insert a directory to exclude from backup like a sub directory or directory of videos you have already backed up.

Backup WordPress Settings

This is an excellent plugin for automatic backup of WordPress files and databases. BackupWordPress simply creates an automatic backup which can be completed manually using cPanel.

The biggest advantage of using the BackupWordPress plugin is that it works automatically and creates a backup of both your files & databases.

Manage & Download WordPress

Here you can download your backup to your local computer and also create a new backup immediately without the need to configure the scheduling settings.

Simply click the Download link under Actions to copy the backup of your files & databases to your computer. If you need to create a backup, click the Backup Now Link at the top of the screen.

Once you have saved your backup locally, you can then delete the backup on your server or leave a copy there just in case.

Manage WordPress Backups

I don’t use this plugin because i use Backupbuddy as it offers a better solution for migration and restoration to an existing server, new server, new web host or new domain which BackupWordPress doesn’t offer.

If you are hosting your WordPress site with WPEngine, the use of the BackupWordPress plugin and backupbuddy have been banned as they offer their own daily backup service.

Click here to watch a short video about the best backup plugin for WordPress.

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