Customize The WordPress Loop With LoopBuddy

The WordPress loop is included in all WordPress core files to process code within the loop tags on each post.

However, unless you understand PHP code, like a WordPress Developer, you can’t easily create your own loop or customize the existing loop for your own needs.

Playing around with php code can cause major WordPress errors including the white screen of death, until now.

What is The WordPress Loop

The WordPress Loop is used to display each of your posts. Using The Loop, WordPress processes each of your posts to be displayed on the current page and formats them according to how they match specified criteria within The Loop tags. Any HTML or PHP code placed in the Loop will be repeated on each post.

WordPress Loop

If you take a look at your theme’s index.php file you see this code which is where the loop starts:


<!–?php if (have_posts()) : ?–>
<!–?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?–>


WordPress Theme’s Index.php File

Here’s an example of what the WordPress loop looks like in the default theme for WordPress, Twenty Eleven. The index.php file which contains the loop is located wp-content > themes > twentyeleven > index.php

Theme's Index File Showing The WordPress Loop

Solution to Customizing The WordPress Loop

The LoopBuddy plugin allows non coders to create and edit the WordPress loop simply by installing a plugin.

This enables easy customization of your WordPress theme without the knowledge or risk of php coding.

Custom Loop Examples

The LoopBuddy plugin allows you to:

  • Display content globally
  • Display other posts from a tag or category
  • Use shortcodes to display custom content
  • Customize your content, post-by-post, category-by-category
  • Move your post title around
  • Add a custom by-line
  • Add a featured image
Decide which content to display:

  • Display based on post type, author, category, taxonomy, and more.
  • Choose to display comments or allow pagination
  • Choose a sort order and how many items to display
Display your content anywhere:

  • Customize individual posts, pages, category sections, post types, 404 pages and search pages
  • Use short codes to display custom content on any post or page
  • Use a widget to display custom content in any widget area on your site

LoopBuddy enables complete control and customization of the WordPress loop which previously was only available for php coders.

Customizing your site using LoopBuddy is the easiest way to add and edit the WordPress loop without the need to hire a Web Developer or learn php coding.

What do you think of the WordPress loop and how have you used it for customization?

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