New Blogger Importer Plugin Also Imports Image Files To WordPress

Otto and a few of the Automattician’s at WordPress, have developed a new version of the Blogger importer plugin which imports images from Blogger to WordPress.

The plugin imports posts, images, comments, and categories (blogger tags) from a Blogger blog then migrates authors to WordPress users.

You’ll need a self hosted version of WordPress installed before you can install this plugin and import all your content from Blogger.

Before you import your content from Blogger to your new WordPress installation, you should also redirect your Blogger links to WordPress.

Items not imported

  • Pages
  • Themes

Lets test this plugin out and go through the process of importing Blogger content to WordPress.

Firstly, you may have seen the existing Blogger Importer plugin which is listed in the official WordPress repository.

Here’s some of the description which clearly states images will not be imported.

Items not imported (Old Plugin)

  • Pages
  • Images (the images will appear in your new blog but will link to the old blogspot or picassa web locations)

Back to the new plugin which does import images.

New Blogger Importer Plugin

Once you install the new plugin, you might want to check out the readme file.

= Prerequisites =

The importer connects your server to the blogger server to copy across the posts. For this to work you need to have connectivity from the server to the internet and also have at least one of the remote access protocols enabled, e.g. curl, streams or fsockopen. You can use the Core Control plugin to test if these are working correctly. The importer connects to Google over a secure connection so OpenSSL needs to be enabled on your server.

Note: I did install the Core Control plugin and also emailed Bluehost where my test domains are hosted to ask them to enable OpenSSL and Curl but didn’t need it as the plugin worked before these requests where completed.

Install The Core Control Plugin

Once you install Core Control, you’ll find some handy information about how to use the plugin here.

You may need to contact your web host to enable OpenSSL and Curl.

Note: take backup of your existing WordPress installation as well as your Blogger content before using a plugin which is in Beta.

Then its simply a matter of following the normal import steps:

  • Go to Tools > Import
  • Click on Blogger
  • Click Authorize
  • Click ‘Grant Access’
  • Click the ‘Import’ Magic button
  • Set Authors


Very useful plugin developed by some of the brightest WordPress minds at Automattic.

You’ll find your Blogger images are now imported and hosted in your WordPress Media Library rather than Blogger or Blogspots servers.


Images Urls

If you go into your text editor or Media Library, you’ll see the proof!!

Download the plugin from the WordPress core trac. Thanks to all who Contributed to this very useful plugin: wordpressdotorg, Otto42, Workshopshed, SergeyBiryukov, rmccue.

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