Using Jetpacks Modules As Stand Alone Plugins

Jetpack is a great plugin, maybe the best but you would normally need a account to use it.

Fortunately, some of the plugin modules included in Jetpack can be used as standalone plugins like:

Hopefully more of Jetpacks modules will work on a standalone basis at some stage.

If you’ve created lot’s of different forms using Jetpacks contact forms but no longer want to install the entire Jetpack plugin and/or connect it to a account you’re in luck.

Deactivate and delete Jetpack then install the contact form plugin using the download link above and your short-codes will still work perfectly.

I have installed and tested all these standalone plugins on a demo site and they all work perfectly.

Other Options

You may also consider installing the Slim Jetpack plugin which doesn’t require connection to Jetpacks servers and a account.


Any updates made to any of these plugin modules within Jetpack, by Automattic, will not be available if you are using any of these standalone modules.

You’ll need to download the latest version of Jetpack and install the individual module(s) to update the code.

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  1. Serdar says

    Hey Brad, I recognize something. The Flare’s site speed results is the best one which I ever tried before. This is important. I start to use again until I found better ;)

  2. Serdar says

    I used this plugin it works but It gives this error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘Jetpack’ not found in / on line 52

    I can’t reach my admin panel but I see sharing buttons in my site post endings? How is it possible?

    • Brad Dalton says

      The Sharedaddy module cannot be installed as a stand alone plugin anymore without modifying the code so i have taken it off the list and removed the download.

      What you may be interested in is installing the Slim Jetpack plugin which doesn’t require connection to’s servers.

      • Serdar says

        Yes, I found that Slim Jetpack plugin ( and I customize its color with Brian Gardner article ( It works great now (For ex: bottom of this page)

        Thank you Brad, useful advise, but I’m still searching a kind of stand alone sharing plugin. Digg Digg is a good alternative but I didn’t customized like Jetpack Share easily. Customized Jetpack share buttons seems so lovely.

          • Serdar says

            Hey Brad, I tried Flare plugin and translate my language ( She seems quite well. Plugin design is aesthetically good but coding is heavy and wordpress admin interface is too colorful not simple. Coders behave like only if there is a pro version. So that’s right.

            For me the only irritating thing was the interface of JetPack and other tied plugins and its connections of their server. So this interesting plugin will become like this I feel.

            Anyway I used this plugin in my client site because it is so elegant and customizable thank you, and I am also thinkinig about using in my blog. Counting flares is a good idea. I am curious about developers will be update in the future?

            So what about you Brad? What is your favorite sharing, following, contact form, comment, and slider plugins? (I think you use Jetpack share and comments) Nowadays I am searching Genesis friendly plugins, the problem is many genesis offical pulgins are old. (1 or 2 year)

          • Serdar says

            No, not so disapointed, it may be good but not for me. There is also some bugs. The flare counter does not work perfectly. When you open a new page flare counter shows zero, you have to refresh to count. And I like simple customization interfaces. Flare interface give me a sense that this is the most important plugin in this site. I like minimal interface, problem is me, Brad:)

          • Brad Dalton says

            Seems very hard to find social media sharing buttons that work. I really liked Flare but they didn’t work 100% for em also.

            Not sure why they haven’t fixed them yet.

  3. 小洛克 says

    I installed the plug-in WordPress background directly blank in my website.Htaccess 256M memory is blank: I am a beginner, I hope you can help me

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