How to Write Content that is Search Engine Friendly

If you have a website and have thought about a blog, consider using WordPress blog.

A WordPress blog makes it easy to learn how to blog and is also a great way to connect with people who share your interests and also enjoy blogging.

A blog can also help promote yourself, your business and your products/services.

Blogs make it easy to add fresh content that is helpful and useful to readers.

As long as your posts are relevant to their search query and gives your visitors what they are looking for.

New posts that build on your site topic and a relevant category will encourage readers to come back to your site.

Create Original Compelling Content

I advise all bloggers and website owners to create original content that adds value for your site visitors.

Highly relevant content that relates exactly to your site visitors search query along with links which add depth to your content will rank well in Search Engine results (SERPS).

Encourage your visitors to return by writing compelling, engaging content that helps your visitors find what they are searching for compell them to dig deeper into your other posts and pages. Try to target your content relevant to a search keyword and relevant long tail keywords.

Frequent New Post Updates

I like to add value to other posts i have written that relate to the same topic, post and category. I also try to write new relevant content that continues to engage my regular readers and attract new visitors as I add more specific content relating to the topic I am writing about.

Qaulity is more important than quality therefore you are better off writing once every 2-3 days with original quality content that is relevant to your topic rather than post irrelevant content on a daily basis.

Qaulity, Original, Relevant content combined with your own Personal Authentic Experience will move you up the search engine results towards page 1.

Duplicate Sales Copy is Unlikely to Perform Well

Be very careful if you sell anything online unless you own all the products.

Affiliate managers provide sales copy to millions of affiliates who use this copy on their websites and blogs. The search engines will NOT take favourably to duplicate content and your content will NOT be included in search results.

If you are an affiliate, I suggest you write your own sales copy by test driving the product or service and writing your own authentic personal experience.

You will not only sell more and achieve a higher conversion rate, the search engines will also index your content even though you are an affiliate.

As long as the affiliate products are targeted with your original content, you will NOT be ignored.

Help Your Website Visitors to Easily find Your Blog

Using links (Off Page SEO) from your key website pages including your homepage and higher ranked pages will also help both search engines and your website visitors find your blog. Using anchor text will help even more and will help achieve higher search results.

Use relevant Titles, Permalinks, Categories and Tags

Use Keywords relevant to your site visitors search query as this is where it all starts for a searcher.

A title which is relevant to the keywords used in a search query will also work in your favour and using a permalink for that particular page which is also relevant to your content will help you achieve a higher ranking in the search results.

Relevant category title and tags (labels) which are all relevant to both your content and the search keywords will also move your page higher up the search results.

Keyword research therefore is the basis of onpage seo (search engine optimization).

It is common to use the post title or similar as the unique post URL (permalink)

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