Creating A Navigation Menu

Once you’ve created new pages in WordPress, you’ll probably want to include them in a menu on your site.

First step is to create a menu and then add the pages to your menu. You can also add custom links (URL’s).

Creating Your First Menu

Once you’ve logged into your Dashboard:

  • Go to Appearance > Menu’s
  • Insert a name for your menu (i.e Primary Menu) and click Create Menu
  • Under Theme Locations, select the menu you’ve just created and click Save

Your menu has now been created and will display your menu items depending on the location your theme uses for that menu.

Note: Different themes display menu’s in different locations and some themes include multiple menu’s built into the theme.

Example: You may want a menu before and after your header area and also in your footer.

Add Pages To Menu

Now that you’ve created your menu, you’ll want to add some pages to it.

You can add:

  • a┬ácustom link to your home page
  • your blog page to display your most recent posts
  • and other pages like a contact page and About Us page.

In the Menu’s screen, select the pages you want to add to your menu from the Pages module and click Add To Menu.

Don’t forget to click Save Menu.

Add Custom Links To Menu

In the Custom Links module, add a URL to anywhere you want and a label which displays the menu item.

Click Add to Menu and Save Menu.

Create Drop Down Menu Items

You may also choose to add menu items below one main label.

To add items in a drop down, simply drag the menu item to the right of the label you want to display it under in a drop down.

Click Save Menu.

In the Next Slide show, we’ll take a look at creating categories in WordPress.