WordPress Seo Causes Fierce Debate on One Of The Linkedin Discussion Groups

There’s been some fierce debate on Linkedin’s Seo for WordPress group recently after i posted an article about Yoast’s WordPress Seo plugin. Its all good mostly as this has dragged some out of the woodwork who would normally probably not have taken a second look at another seo plugin for wordpress.

WP Seo-by Yoast

Its a good thing when members get stuck into each other now and again as you need someone to keep you on your toes. The seo game can be a tricky business at times. So whats all the fuss about anyway? The wordpress seo plugin by Yoast versus All in one seo which i don’t have any experience with.  Check out Yoast (Like Toast) on Youtube being interviewed by Mashable.

All in one seo for wordpress used to come pre installed with wordpress by default which could explain part of the reason its been downloaded over 7 million times. This doesn’t mean its the best just the most popular. Regardless if what strategy and wordpress seo plugin you use, if you don’t get the other factors right then it doesn’t really matter.

3 Ways WordPress Seo Will Increase Your Search Results

There’s a few seo secrets when it comes to wordpress seo that many seo experts just don’t broadcast. And why not? Because there just so simple i think they seem to think you should know by now. The secret to achieving the best wordpress seo results is in the work once you know what to do. Here’s my 3 best wordpress seo tips that should have a decent impact on your search results if you haven’t already applied them to your content.

1) If you like the wordpress seo plugin  by Yoast, install it and focus on the meta description snippet because that’s what the text will look like in your search engine results page (SERP). Go back over your first 5 or more wordpress posts and optimise theme focusing on your meta description for each page or post.

2) Choose keywords that have the same meaning i.e wordpress seo, seo for wordpress, best wordpress seo plugin etc. All these keywords contain ‘wordpress seo’ yet cover multiple exact match results and broad match results. Try to use these in your posts title’s, permalinks, headings, sub headings and internal links.

The more posts you have which contain highly related yet unique content linked together, the better your search results should be. it is also important to vary the keywords with the same meaning in your anchor text for both internal and external incoming links as Google believes there is a less chance that your incoming  links are spam.

3) Go back over the same blog posts and focus on your internal linking within your content and also in your related posts at the end of each post. You can also add a keyword to the line of text you use for related posts like ‘ Read more about WordPress Seo’ or ‘Posts related to WordPress Seo’. If ‘wordpress seo’ was your focus or main keyword for that post then this will help.

Interesting figures considering Yoast, aka  Joost de Valk of Press This Fame, wrote the original All In One Seo Code!

There’s over 200 factors taken into consideration when Google takes a snapshot of your content and runs it through its top secret algorithm. Does size matter? Take the Poll and have your say! What’s your favourite seo plugin for wordpress and do you have any wordpress seo tips to share?

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