Display Image Slider In WordPress Header On Home Page Only

You can easily display an image slider in different header locations using WordPress.

The only problem is, your slider will be displayed on every page of your site.

If you only want your slider displayed on the homepage rather than site wide, you’ll need to make some simple edits to the code.

Display Slider On Home Page Using A Conditional Tag

You’ll also need to use this code which includes code for a conditional tag so your slider only displays on the home page.

The above code should be pasted directly into your child themes template files in the location you want to display your slider.

Or you can paste this line of PHP directly into your home.php or front-page.php file:

Don’t forget you can also use a shortcode anywhere in your editor or even in a custom function:


Using Easing Slider shortcode in custom function with Genesis header hook & home page conditional tag

You can change the theme specific hook which is this case is a Genesis header hook and the conditional tag as well.

In this tutorial, we’ll add a slider to the header area of different WordPress themes.

This tutorial assumes you’ve installed the Easing Slider plugin for WordPress.

Display Slider In StudioPress Themes

The Easiest way to display the Easing Slider in Genesis child themes is to add the PHP function for the slider to a custom function.

You can then add a conditional tag which in this case is for the home page and hook it into place using the genesis_header hook.

Using the Genesis theme framework, execute this code in your header using a Genesis hooks plugin.

Genesis Simple Hooks

This will display the image slider on your homepage only,  however the rest of your site will contain a blank header.

You could add a header image, text and fill this area.

You may also need to change the height of the header area.

If you’re using a child theme with Genesis, you may also need to upload a header image logo. Your header image will display site wide excluding your home page.

Go To Appearance > Header and upload an image.Header Image

Displaying your image slider using this method on the Genesis theme framework works perfectly.

You may need to make some small changes if you’re using a child theme on this framework as they are all coded differently.

Twenty Eleven Theme Header Slider

If you’re using the old default theme for WordPress, Twenty Eleven, you don’t get to use the Genesis simple hooks plugin.

This means you’ll need to access the core theme files and paste the slider code directly into either your:

  •  index.php file or
  • header.php


Here’s where you can paste it on line 16 in your index.php

Twenty Eleven Index Template File

Once you do this, you may need to change the size of your custom header or comment it out.

Otherwise your slider will be displayed below your site title, header & navigation menu which means below the fold.


This is a better solution in my opinion.

Paste the code around line 77 in the Twenty Eleven header.php file

Twenty Eleven Header PHP

Twenty Twelve Theme Header Slider

Displaying your slider on the homepage only of the Twenty Twelve theme is easy.

Paste the code around line 47 of the Twenty Twelve header.php file.

This will display the slider after the header and navigation menu.

Twenty Twelve Header PHP

Another good option is to paste the code around line 38 and display your slider before your navigation menu.

Image Slider Before Navigation
You could also use your index.php file but you’ll find its better to paste the slider code into your header.php and change the location if needed.

Using Shortcodes In Widgets

If you’re using the slider shortcode in a text widget to display your slider, you’ll also need to add support for shortcodes in widgets otherwise they won’t work.

Add this code to the end of your child themes functions.php file using a text editor.

Video Guide


You may need to make adjustments to your header image sizes and navigation menu’s to get the result you want.

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  1. Janneke says


    I have placed the easing slider lite on a website that I am changing (first time working on a website).. I use the theme Twenty Twelve, and placing the slider worked really easy! Accept, the slider is now on every page.. I only want it on the first page….. I followed the steps in the article above, but nothing is changing… What am I doning wrong?

    A link to a copy of my header.php file: https://gist.github.com/fe524e01a483c3e77259.git

    (I’m using WordPress 3.9.1..)

    Thank you!

  2. vivek says

    i am using ward theme.i want to add image slider into the jumbotron area ..i tried but i unable to add images at home page ..plz help me out .

  3. JSciz says

    Hey Brad,

    I cant seem to get it to show up in my Twenty Thirteen site, i placed the code on line 52 and it never worked, and I tried a few other places. Any ideas?

        • Brad Dalton says

          Did you create a slider and add images?

          What exact code did you add to the header.php file?

          The code has been tested many times and works as the screenshot shows.

          • Jsciz says

            I made a slider using the plugin, it has a few images set. and I used the code from this page

          • Brad Dalton says

            The code from this page is exactly what the plugin author provides and it has been used thousands of times.

            If you’ve pasted it incorrectly or in the wrong spot in the file, it won’t work.

            Please send me a copy of the file to brad at wpsites.net and i’ll take a look.

  4. Bram says


    With the genesis hooks i have at the genesis_after_header this:

    I changed it in the code that you used on your post:
    But that doesn’t work, i have no idea why. My homepage is home…

    Hope you can help.

  5. Bram says


    First i want to thank you for your awesome tips!!

    I have a question i am using the Genesis simple hooks and easing slider plugin for genesis.

    I tried almost everything but it doesn’t work to only show the slider on my homepage…
    Got any tip for me? I tried it wit the genesis hooks plugin and in the function php.


  6. Reinder Corporaal says

    Hi! I want to use this slider in my theme. I’m using the Yoko Theme and I want to install this slider as my header (image). But I’ve no clue where to start…..Can u help me with this?

    • Brad Dalton says

      Paste this code into your header.php file where you want the slider to display.

      Line 38 is a good position.

      You will need to install the plugin and create a slideshow using images which are 1102 × 350 pixels.

  7. Jeremy says

    How do I adjust the below line to match your code above to use my particular slider (All Around Slider)on my home page only
    I am using a PHP plugin to allow me to place this PHP code in my widget ready header.
    I am using Genesis framework with the new Beautiful child theme

  8. Whozane says

    Can you please help me display this slider on home page of responsive theme by cyberschimps I have tried eberything still success I posted

    in home.php right below the get gether

  9. Crystal Sargent says

    Could you please help me figure this out? I can’t seem to figure out what to put where to get the slider on just my home page. I tried to create a HOME page and put the short code there instead of on the featured image spot, but it still shows up on every page. I also pasted the code in my header file, but in the parent, because it wouldn’t work if I pasted it in a child theme.


    Any advice?

    • Brad Dalton says

      Hi Cliff.

      Simply remove any conditional tag from the code and paste it in your template file like page.php or single.php for single posts.

  10. Deb says

    Can this slider be used in a widget? If so, how do I do it?

    I am using a Genesis theme (midnight) and would like to place it on the homepage in the featured section.


    • Brad Dalton says

      Yes, Simply paste the shortcode for the slider into a text widget.

      You’ll also need to add support for shortcodes in widgets to your child themes functions.php file.

  11. Matthew Ruddy says

    I must say this guide is absolutely awesome Brad, thanks a million! Ironically this is the first I’ve seen of it, so apologies for the 6 month late response!

    • Brad Dalton says

      Love the Easing slider and the flexibility its offers.

      Never had a problem with it and its very easy to install anywhere in your theme.

      Great job Matthew!

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