How To Increase Your WordPress Media Upload Size

Need to increase your max file upload size in WordPress? Making changes to the limits in your php.ini file can increase limits for max file size upload and post max file size.

If you have large video files, this is one way to make sure you can upload them to your WordPress Media Library rather than directly to your server.

To perform any of these actions, you’ll need to add a php.ini file and edit this file if you don’t already have one installed.


Once you install and increase the upload limits in your php.ini file you’ll also need to increase the post max file size which needs to be greater than the limit of your file upload size.


Here’s a menu of the different sections of this post:

  1. How To Install a php.ini file – Copy PHP.INI Master File
  2. How To Increase Upload Limit
  3. How To Increase Post Max file Size
Caution: If you make a mistake in your code while modifying a PHP file, saving the php file may result in your site becoming temporarily unusable. Prior to editing php files, be sure to have access to the file via FTP or File Manager so that you can correct the error and always take full backup of your WordPress files and databases before editing.

How To Install a php.ini file

  1. Login to cPanel and scroll down to the Software/Services section
  2. Click on the PHP.Config icon
  3. Scroll down to the Install Default php.ini section and check mark the “IonCube” and the “SourceGuardian” boxes.
  4. Click the “INSTALL PHP.INI MASTER FILE” button.
  5. Rename the “php.ini.default” file to  ”php.ini” and your done.
  6. There’s more info including screenshots on how to INSTALL PHP.INI MASTER FILE

How To Increase Upload Limit

  1. Open your php.ini file using File Manager in cPanel. You can also use FTP and a text editor like Notepad ++
  2. Navigate to Line 573 (May be a different line number depending on your web hosts setup)
  3. Edit the limit to any size up to a max of 100M and save the changes. (You will also need to increase the post max file size)

Increase-File-Uploads- Size

How To Increase Post Max file Size

  1. Open your php.ini file using File Manager in cPanel.
  2. Navigate to Line 468
  3. Edit the limit to a max of 100M and save the changes

Increase-Post-Max-File-Size Increasing your upload limits in WordPress will enable you to upload large files to your media library including videos. If you are NOT familiar with editing php files then i suggest you contact your web host who should complete this for you.

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  1. brianssnider says

    wow, of course I was up till 2am last night trying to do this and finally I gave up and just begged for help. Then I noticed that line 468 needed to be changed and BAM! got it.

    Thank you so much again for this sight, it was a literal lifesaver.

  2. brianssnider says

    Hi brad,

    Your videos are very helpful and very easy to understand. That said I am desperately trying to increase the maximum upload size of my wordpress site so that I can get a podcast published. I followed your steps exactly in the video and yet when I go into media and upload I still see it set as the default 10mb. I have tried this over and over and the default upload size never changes. I’m wondering if you have any idea what could be causing this? Thank your help.

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