3 Best Yearly Hosts for WordPress

There’s thousands of web hosts to choose from, most of which offer yearly plans. Many of these satisfy the minimum requirements for hosting WordPress.

WordPress however, runs best on these recommended servers.

  1. The best web hosts make it easy to install WordPress using  one click WordPress installation.
  2. If you need 24/7 support, these providers offer excellent support.
  3. Buying a yearly package is normally cheaper than monthly payments.

Hosting Multiple Sites

BlueHost specialize in shared web hosting plans. They offer both standard hosting plans for unlimited site as well as Pro shared plans which give you more resources.

I use and recommend BlueHost on my smaller blogs because of the outstanding 24/7 support you will receive whenever you have a technical issue or need help.

Hosting Single Site

Hostgator are well known as the largest web hosting provider with a full range of packages and 24/7 technical support including live chat.

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Hostgator are one of the cheapest web hosting providers in the world and include a full range of plans from Shared plans through to VPS & dedicated servers.

Premium Hosting

WP Engine is a premium WordPress-only hosting company. Automattic, the company which owns  WordPress, has invested $1.2m in WP Engine as an equity partner.

If you’re having problems with a slow loading site, hosting with WP Engine will give you the fastest site speed & offer a package which is more affordable than level 3 VPS.

They also specialize in security and offer daily backup and restore points so you’re always covered.

What To Consider Before Choosing a Host

1. Technical Support

A host with good technical support  makes all the difference. Nothing is more frustrating then when your site is down and you can’t get a hold of anyone to help you get it back up. So when looking looking into a hosting package, always look at the support options offered to make sure that you can get the technical help you need 24/7.

2.One Click Installation

Installing WordPress to your domain, hosting package and WordPress theme can be very technical and time consuming if your not technically minded. The best web hosts offer all the latest programs that make life simple and easy for their clients. Simple scripts is offered by all these 3 hosts above so you can click a few buttons and your site will be installed instantly.

3.Storage space

These features vary a great deal on hosting packages. Basically the best web hosts offer unlimited storage, bandwith and databases. Too few of any of these three features and you could find your site’s growth options very limited and you may be forced to upgrade to a more expensive plan. The 3 web hosts above all over unlimited databases, storage and bandwidth.

4.Addon Domains

All the shared web hosts on this page offer unlimited addon domains which means you can add more domains and websites/blogs at anytime, free of charge. This is a simple process which means you don’t need to get another hosting package if you decide to add more sites to your existing hosting package.

WordPress Yearly Hosts

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