3 Best Yearly Hosts for WordPress

Personally, i use Bluehost for hosting several of my smaller blogs & WPEngine for super fast hosting of my main site.

Here’s the best 3 hosting packages i recommend you choose from and if you can, pay yearly to get a big discount.

Here’s the big discounts you get when paying yearly or for 2-3 years upfront.

hosting terms 1 - 3 years

1. Hosting Multiple Sites – Bluehost

I’ve hosted with Bluehost now for over 5 years and highly recommend them for hosting multiple smaller sites.

The fact that i can pay for 3 years up front also makes it really cheap.

Note: Hosting is billed up front, however you can still get your money back as the anytime money-back guarantee gives you the freedom to cancel at any time for a prorated refund.

Go To Bluehosts Website

2. Hosting a Single Site – Hostgator

Hostgator are well known as the largest web hosting provider and this is one of the cheapest hosting plans you’ll find.

I hosted one of my 1st sites with Hostgator which cost about $53 as i used a 25% coupon and paid yearly.

Use coupon code – wordpresssites and save 25%.

hostgator refund policy

It costs about $30 a year more to host with Bluehost however you get to host unlimited sites.

Go To Hostgators Website

3. Premium Hosting – WPEngine

WP Engine is a premium WordPress-only managed hosting provider which i host this site with.

If you’re having problems with a slow loading site, hosting with WP Engine will give you the fastest site speed & offer a package which is more affordable and 3 times faster than level 3 VPS based on my experience.

Up until 15/6, you can get 4 months of free hosting with WPengine if you pay yearly.

Use This WPEngine Coupon

Buying a yearly hosting package saves you money and is even cheaper if you buy 2-3 years upfront which is what i do to save money.

hostgator coupon 30%

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