Free Child Theme for Twenty Thirteen (2013 Custom)

2013 Custom is a free child theme for Twenty Thirteen, the latest default theme for WordPress. Its mobile responsive and highly regarded as the best coded default theme WordPress have released.

This 2013 Custom child theme includes the following features:

  • All the features of Twenty Thirteen
  • Full width after post widget area which displays content on all single posts
  • Full width after header widget area which displays content site width
  • Full width header widget.

Download ↓

Zip file also includes 2012 child theme.

That’s it.

Nice and simple with 2 custom widget area’s coded into the child themes header.php and single.php template files.


Customizing Child Theme

The child theme files which you can use to further customize this theme include:

  1. functions.php for your custom PHP code
  2. style.css file for your custom CSS code

There’s also the header.php and single.php which you may want to customize further.

 Adding A Slider

To add a slider in the header, all you need to do is install the Soliloquy plugin and create a new slide show.

Paste the shortcode for the slider into a text widget and drag it into the Header Widget.

Display Slider on Home Page Only

The easiest way to do this is to install the Widget Logic plugin and add either of these conditional tags to the plugins logic:



Displaying Images In Slider

The free version of Soliloquy enables you to create a slide show of images

Displaying Videos in Slider

If you want to display a video slide show in the header, you’ll need to install the premium version of Soliloquy

Other Slider Plugins

There’s 2 other slider plugins i suggest to check out for use in this child theme.

Slide Deck – Offers both a free & premium version

Easing Slider – Also offers both a free & premium version


Styling is such a personal thing that i decided not to ad any for the widgets.

If you want to change the width or add any styling, you’ll need to add the CSS code in the style.css file to suit your needs.


If you don’t want to use either of the header widgets, simply make sure neither is populated with any widgets.

You can them use the default header image feature with or without header text located under the Appearance tab.

If you have added a header image and also populate either of the header widgets, you’ll find they output your widget content below the header image.

Download 2013 Custom ↓

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