422+ Google Web Fonts for WordPress

Your WordPress editor only provides one font by default unless you install the TinyMce plugin or add code in your functions.php file to display hidden features in your WordPress visual editor.

This will add a button to display 20 standard fonts.

But what if you want to use one of Google’s 422 web fonts?

Google web fonts provide high quality, premium fonts which produce rich typography and a unique look to your blog posts. They host their fonts on huge web servers so loading times are super fast. Even faster if you use a WebFont Loader.

Once you’ve chosen the font styles and character sets you want to use its time to make a decision on how you want to install the fonts.

Installing Google Web Fonts Api

There’s several ways you can install Google Web Fonts into your website or blog:

  1. Copy the code as the first element in the <head> of your HTML document.
  2. Import your Google fonts via there api into your style.css file
  3. Add javascript to your website template
  4. Add the font names directly to your style.css file or use inline css
  5. Use the web font loader developed by Google & Typekit
  6. Installing a WordPress plugin

Installing Google Fonts Plugin

You’ll need to install a plugin which loads the fonts into your editor for ease of use.

There’s several free plugins which add Google fonts to WordPress, WP Google Fonts is the most popular.

Selecting Font Options

Once you’ve installed the Google Fonts plugin go to the plugin settings and select which fonts you want to use for your different tag options.

Google Web Fonts Options
Tip: Make sure that there are no boxes checked beneath a font that you want to be off.

Some premium WordPress themes like Thesis already include Google fonts built into the theme core.

Adding Google web fonts to WordPress is easy if you install a plugin and will add some uniqueness rather than use the default WordPress fonts and standard browser fonts.

Google fonts aren’t the only service provider of custom fonts.Read more about how to install other custom fonts in WordPress.

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