How To Change The Default WordPress Comments Text in Your Theme’s Comments File

Customizing your WordPress theme is easy when you are using a child theme. In this tutorial i’ll show you easy it is to change the default text in your comments template.

I’m using a child theme which i have created for the Canvas theme built on the Woo framework. This way any changes you make to any php or css code will be saved when you update your parent theme.

Changing No Comments Yet Text

The php file that needs editing in order to change the text, ‘No Comments Yet’ is located in your parent theme’s files.

The easiest way to locate, make changes to and save the edited file is to copy it from your original theme download to your desktop and edit it using notepad++

You’ll find the text on or around line 81 once you have opened the file in notepad++ or cPanel

comments.php file customization

Once you have customized the text to your own liking, simply upload the file using cPanel or FTP to your child theme and the changes will be saved even after you update your theme.

Here’s the location of where my child theme and customization including the edited comments.php file are stored on my server


Comments.php File in Child Theme

If you are using the default theme for WordPress, Twenty Eleven, you’ll find your comments.php file won’t be the same as Canvas.

Once you have located and edited your comments file, you can use this free child theme for Twenty Eleven to save the changes you make to all your theme’s files.

WordPress Comments Customization

If you search through your themes files, you will find several php files for comments so be sure to edit the correct file which generally is the comments.php file and Not the comment.php file or the wp-comments.php file.

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