How To Move Your Site From Blogger To WordPress and Why You Should

blogger-to-wordpressBlogger is amongst the best free blogging platforms on the planet so why would you want to move away from blogger to WordPress? There’s many reasons and many benefits to import blogger to WordPress or any transfer any other free hosted blog to WordPress.

There’s also many reasons to keep the links on your blogger blog and link it to your WordPress blog which i have done recently. I’ll discuss all the benefits of both in the content of this blog post, however, lets first discuss the easy process of migrating blogger to WordPress in simple terms.

How To Migrate From Blogger To WordPress

Move From Blogger to WordPress is EasyFirstly, always backup your entire site before starting any major changes if you already own a powered site.
If not, you will firstly need to create a new WordPress site by following the first 3 steps in this process to create a new website,  if you haven’t already setup your WordPress site.

Once you have your shiny new WordPress site up and running, you simply follow the arrows below and your done.

Sign in to your new WordPress dashboards backend administration and scroll down to tools on the left hand side.

To start the Blogger importer, go to Tools >>Import >>Blogger.
For WordPress versions 2.0.2 to 2.6.5, go to Manage>> Import >>Blogger

Convert XML file format to WXR file format

If this process doesn’t work for you then you may need to export a copy of your Blogger posts to your desktop and convert the XML file format to the WordPress WXR file format. The Blogger to WordPress migration tool simply converts your Blogger file to a WordPress format. After this is completed, simple import your WXR file using the WordPress import tool.

Once you have completed this process i suggest you follow these steps:

  • You may delete the content from blogger or just leave it without adding any new content. The search engines will decide on which site to index.
  • Add a blogger share icon to your posts by installing a WordPress plugin for social sharing. There are many to choose from.
  • If you decide to delete the content, you may simply share the new links from your WordPress site for the same posts back to your blogger site.
  • You may leave the content and add new links to blogger by sharing you new posts from your WordPress site.

Changing Blogger links After Migrating to WordPress

After switching from Blogger to WordPress, you may find your internal links within your content and image attachments still contain your Blogger URL. To change these i suggest you take a look at the Velvet Blues Edit URL plugin which should help you change all links to your new WordPress URL.

If you have several blogs like i have, consider these tips:

  • Add a blogger follow button to your sites so you can also share new links from all your sites to your blogger blog
  • This will show visitors to all your sites that you have several blogs so they can easily browse through your entire content easily.
  • This will consolidate all your links in the one place without duplication the content
  • These actions will easily create more one way back links to your site
  • All you need to do in the future is click the blogger share button to send a link to blogger for all your new WordPress posts.

The reasons and Benefits of moving To WordPress

  • Total control of your site including links
  • Total control over your sites SEO leading to significantly improved search engine results
  • Total control over the customization of your WordPress theme for branding and uniqueness
  • Easy to add any scripts you like to increase functions and features for your visitors. No scripts allowed in blogger or free hosted
  • Own your own unique domain name which can include a keyword relevant to your sites topic rather than use an extension of someone else’s like or
  • You can use the best WordPress SEO plugins on your own WordPress site but you can’t on blogger or a free hosted

Need help moving your site from blogger or any other platform to WordPress, a new domain or host

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