Importing Posterous to WordPress

Posterous to WordPressTransfers from Posterous to WordPress have risen by over 250% after the recent announcement that the Posterous team are joining forces with Twitter.

If you are searching for a solution on how to import all your Posterous blog posts to, you’ll find this simple tutorial for non WordPress bloggers very easy to follow.

WordPress has created a free tool named the Posterous Importer plugin which makes moving from Posterous to WordPress a walk in the park, even for beginners.

You can use the import tool to transfer all your Posterous blog posts to or

Here’s the simple steps needed to successfully complete the move quickly and easily.

Install WordPress on Your Web Server

Before you can install the Posterous Importer, you’ll need to find a web host and install WordPress.

I’ve already created a video on how to do this along with a couple of popular web hosting providers which support the WordPress software.

Install the Posterous Importer Plugin

Posterous Importer

Once you’ve successfully installed WordPress:

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard and scroll down to the Plugins tab in your left hand side bar.
  • Click Add New.
  • Type Posterous importer into the search box and locate the plugin authored by Automattic and a few others.
  • Install & Activate the plugin.

Import Posterous

Scroll down to the Tools tab and click the Import link

In the next screen enter the part of your Posterous address which is missing along with your login details and click the Submit button.

Enter Posterous Login Details

If you’ve successfully completed the move from Posterous to WordPress, you’ll find over 18,000 free plugins and thousands of themes which you can use to create your own unique website/blog a lot of fun to explore.

If, on the other hand you wish to transfer from Posterous to’s free hosted blogging platform, you’ll need to signup for account and follow their instructions.

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