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Gravity Forms Make Great Contact Forms in WordPress

Searching for a plugin to create great contact forms? Gravity Forms is regarded as the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

It already boasts over 300,000 users as an endorsement of how flexible this premium contact forms plugin really is.

Many of them being WordPress Web Designers.

You can learn more and download the Gravity Forms plugin here.

Gravity Forms Examples

Here’s an example of the types of forms you can create using Gravity Forms on your WordPress site.

Creating an Online Form

Once you have installed the plugin you can create a new form for any purpose quickly & easily.

You’ll find a new module has been created in your WordPress dashboards left hand sidebar named Forms.

Add New Forms

Click New Form and hover your mouse pointer over the untitled form which will then display the edit link in the Form Editor Screen

Form Editor

After you click the small edit link you’ll then be able to start creating a new form.

As you can see from the screenshot, you can hover over each of the ? icon to see the description of each field.

Properties Form Fields

Create a New Gravity Form

Add a new Title and Description to encourage users to fill out your form.

Advanced Form Fields

Here you can enter your custom button text and even add your own button image.

Advanced Form Fields

You can also limit the number of form entries and schedule a time period the form is active for.

If you understand CSS coding, you can also customize your form so it fits in with your theme designs, look and feel.

Other advanced options allow you to create different fields based on certain conditions being met. This is what Gravity Forms call ‘conditional logic’.

Explanation of Conditional Logic: This means you can show or hide a field or entire sections of the form based on a value selected in another field.

Learn more about Conditional logic on the Gravity Forms Demo site.

Confirmation Form Fields

The confirmation tab allows you to customize your form even further.
Confirmation Form Fields
Text: Enter the text you would the user to see on the confirmation page of this form

Page: Redirect form to page. Select the page you would like the user to be redirected to after they have submitted the form.

Redirect: Redirect form to URL. Enter the URL of the webpage you would like the user to be redirected to after submitting the form.

There’s also a large range of form fields you can insert into the confirmation email.

Add Form Fields

On the right hand side of the Form Editor, you’ll find 3 drop downs which provide a huge range of additional form fields.

Standard Fields

Standard Fields for Gravity Forms

Advanced Fields

Advanced Gravity Form Fields
Post Fields

Post Fields

Save Form

Once you click the Save Form button, you can:

  • Preview your form to see what it will look like once you add it to your website
  • Setup email notifications for your form so you and/or someone else receives an email each time a new user submits a form
  • Continue editing your form
  • Return to your form list to edit or view your other forms
Save and Preview Form

Gravity forms enables you to create unlimited forms and the save them so you can add any of these forms anywhere on your WordPress site, quickly and easily by clicking the forms icon just above your editor in the Edit Post/Page screen.

Add Form To Page/Post

Adding any saved gravity forms to any page/post in WordPress can be done quickly and easily.

Simply click the forms icon which will then insert a shortcode in your HTML editor to display your selected form.

Insert Gravity Form in WordPress

A pop up will appear so you can select any saved form to insert into a post or page.

Add Gravity Form to Post or Page in WordPress

You then see a shortcode which displays the form in your post or page.

Gravity Forms Shortcode
Adding Gravity Forms Addons & Extensions

Once you install gravity Forms and have created a new form, you can choose from a large range of free gravity forms plugin extensions as well as official gravity forms addons.

Here’s a list of the premium Gravity Forms Addons made by gravity forms themselves.

Basic Forms Addons:

  • AWeber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp

Advanced Form Addons

  • Authorize.Net
  • Freshbooks
  • Paypal
  • Signature
  • Twilio
  • User Registration
Learn more about Gravity Forms Addons.

Free WordPress Plugin Extensions for Gravity Forms

You’ll also find a range of free extensions for use with the Gravity forms plugin in the WordPress plugins directory.

  • Sales force Add-on
  • Exact Target Add-on
  • Custom Post Types
  • Importer
  • Highrise Add-on
  • Subscriptions Add-On
  • Terms of Service Field
  • Mad Mimi Add-on
  • iContact Add-on
  • Constant Contact
  • Toolbar
  • CSS Ready Class Selector
  • Headway Leaf
  • ShootQ add-on
  • Popup Widget
  • Placeholders add-on
  • Gravity to Solve360

Display Gravity Forms Using Hooks

Once you have created a form, you can display it anywhere using WordPress Hooks. This depends on your theme and how many hooks they offer.

Simply insert the gravity forms shortcode into the hook position using a Hook plugin or hook manager.You can also insert the shortcode into any page templates including your single.php file.

Example: An example of using hooks with Gravity forms would be when you want to place a sign up form connected to your email service at the end of every page and/or post.

Pro’s & Con’s uses Gravity forms and i personally recommend then as the best forms plugin for WordPress.

However, you need to pay a yearly fee to receive  1 Year of Updates & Support for Gravity Forms.

You will also need to upgrade to a Business license to use the basic addons and a Developer license to use the Advanced Addons.

Watch the Video and learn more about Gravity Forms.

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4 replies on “Gravity Forms Make Great Contact Forms in WordPress”

I love Gravity forms but am running into issues with Gravity delivering to mail server and then mail server is not sending mail. It appears to be related to the individual mail hosts and whether they support form mail. Gravity said “not my problem” so I am here with supposedly great plugin and yet not receiving the mail. One opinion was to set up a gmail account as the delivering system, have you had any issues with receiving form mail passed by Gravity?

Hello Liz

I use the user registration addon for membership and it works perfectly.

Never had any issues with Gravity forms, never posted on their forums and use it alot on my own site as well as client sites.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello, I was just reading your article about Gravity Forms, I recently got Gravity Forms and so far so good until I needed to automatically resize images on upload from the form. No plugins Ive found work with GF posted images to auto resize them and Ive been looking for over a week. Any advice?

Hello Matthew

You would need to customize the plugin for that to happen using custom coding.

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