Buy 1 Choose from a Free List of WooCommerce Products

Tested & Works

This mini plugin for WooCommerce enables you to allow customers to get a product for free if they purchase a specific product. The plugin adds :

  • A checkbox to the products edit screen enabling the shop owner to select specific products to be included in this promotion.
  • If the box is checked, a search field is added enabling the shop owner to easily add a list of products which the customer can choose from as a bonus for buying the current product.
  • A drop down menu on the frontend to the single product page with a list of selected free products customers can choose if they purchase the current product.

When the add to cart button is clicked, both the current product and chosen free product are added to the cart.

The above image shows the product added to cart along with the chosen product which originally was $39.99 and is now changed to free highlighting a saving underneath the product title on the cart page.

Demo Video

Shows how to set the promotion on the single product page and add a range of products for selection for customers to choose on the frontend.


Setup time – Less than 1 minute.

Install as a new plugin and use the settings on the admins single product edit screen as seen in the following screenshot and demo video above.

Frontend Customer Usage

  1. Your customer has to be on a product page you have set as eligible for the buy x get y free promotion.
  2. Your customer can then choose from a list of products you have set as free products which are shown directly under the add to cart button.
  3. Once your customer has chosen a free product, they click add to cart and both products are added on the cart page.
  4. The price for the free product ( regardless of the price ) will be set as 0 on both the cart and checkout pages so your customer will get both products but only pay for 1 product.