Star Rating Block for WC Product Archives

This block enables you to set a rating with stars on your product and category archive pages. The block :

  1. Is set to display globally on all product category and tag archive pages for all their terms including child archives.
  2. Shows the average rating for the taxonomy term based on the rating for all products assigned to that term.
  3. Includes stars to reflect the average rating.
  4. Does not display when no ratings for products in any specific term have not been published.
  5. Includes the total number of reviews per taxonomy term for categories and tags.
  6. Includes a function for plural so archives with only 1 rating uses singular text (rating) and archives with more than 1 rating use plural text (ratings).

The block is super easy to modify, customize and style.

Demo Video

Shows the star ratings change dynamically on WooCommerce taxonomy terms archives showing an average based on ratings per term.


Install the zip folder as a new plugin and add the block on any WooCommerce category or tag archive.