Need Custom Coding For WordPress Or Theme Customization?

How I Charge – 1st Hour

The first hour is set at $75 as an initial consultation fee.

I will load your theme locally, inspect & review your code and work out the solution based on what you want done.

If i work out the solution and can complete the work within one hour, there won’t be any further fee payable by you.

The initial $75 charge is payable upfront via PayPal.

More Than 1 Hour of Work

If i determine the work you require will take more than 1 hour, i will send you an accurate quote.

I will stick to this quote and complete the work as long as no changes to your initial requirements are made by you.

If you do make any changes, i will reply you with an amended quote if i determine the changes will take longer than the initial time forecast.


All payments under USD$500 are required upfront.

Payments for quotes over $500 can be settled 50% upfront and the balance on completion.