About Brad Dalton

My name is Brad Dalton and i focus on modification & custom functionality for WordPress themes and WooCommerce extensions.


Code on this site is guaranteed to work for paid members and customers as seen in the demo videos and screenshots which proves the code works and shows exactly what it does.

With over 14 years experience, 10 years of which have been spent working 100 + hours a week, you know there’s no risk in buying from WP Sites as the work has already been successfully completed and delivered to nearly 5000 paid customers & members of WP SITES.

WordPress Community Contributions

My activity over the last 14 years includes answering over 15,000 Genesis questions & writing over 2900 tutorials with 15000 + code snippets.

This is how i taught myself to modify and then write code from scratch.

I’ve also contributed hundreds of code snippets to WordPress Stackexchange.com and here are some of my code contributions to the official WordPress Codex.

Premium Tutorials

Premium tutorials are accessible only to paid members who can also request custom tutorials & code installation/support guarantee.

Register & request a tutorial

Registered users can submit tutorial requests ( starting at $75 ) based on the work they need completed for a specific WordPress theme.


I have been working with Woocommerce since 2013 and published hundreds of code snippets which you can find in this archive and here by tag which have been published since 1st January 2014.

You’ll also find a list of tags for mini plugins which use WooCommerce specific functions.

Recent Client Work

Here is some of my recent extensions for clients who have ordered custom code.

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