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Add Custom Fields With Clickable Links To AgentPress Property Listings

This solution enables you to do 2 things on the single listings pages of the AgentPress Pro themes single listings pages:

  1. Add 1 or more custom fields for additional property listings.
  2. Enable hyperlinks in the custom fields.

Here’s the result showing a additional field with a linked website URL and another Custom text field:

Once you’ve added all the code below, add the HTML for your link to any of the custom fields and save.

<a href=""></a>

1. Add Custom Property Listings Fields

The following code may already be included in the AgentPress Pro themes functions file. If so, edit it to add your new fields. If not, add the following PHP code to the end of the AgentPress Pro themes functions.php file:

Download Folder

The above code adds 2 custom fields.

  1. The 1st field is named Website
  2. The 2nd field is named Custom

You can now add content to each new field on the Edit Listing admin screen:

But wait!

What if you want to add hyperlinks for a website URL and/or email address?

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