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Code To Make Your Own Popup Form

The code in this tutorial is designed to make adding a email subscribe popup form as easy as it can possibly be.

On top of that, the code is very easy to install with simple, step by step instructions.

And, you’ll get sample CSS to style the form which you simply copy and paste into your own child themes style sheet.

Then you can easily modify the CSS to your own liking.


For manual creation of a popup form, i doubt you’ll find a easier solution.

Whats Included

  • The jQuery and CSS for the blank popup form container
  • The HTML in a PHP function for the form
  • MailChimp CSS to style the form

Code Installation Instructions

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3 replies on “Code To Make Your Own Popup Form”


I love this idea, and I want to try to modify it to create a pop-up box for readers, encouraging them to subscribe to our website via PayPal if they enjoy our content. Have you ever tried anything like that? Also, would there be a way to not display the pop-up box if the reader is already a subscriber?

Thank you,

John Huotari

Update: If you look in the files of any of the popular popup form plugins, you’ll see an enormous amount of code compared to what this post includes.

Very easy to a add PayPal HTML to the code.

To not display the box for existing subscribers, you would need to connect to the API of your email service provider. There are many plugins which already do this and some already include popup forms like MailChimp and Aweber.

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