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List of Popular WordPress HTML Tags

HTML tags are useful when you have a problem with your editor and need to fix it quickly. Other reasons you may add HTML tags manually to your HTML editor is for navigation (anchor/scroll points) and decoration purposes like when using an alert or note box.

Four of the most commonly used  HTML Document tags in WordPress are:

  1. Paragraph Tag
  2. Horizontal Line Tag
  3. Mailto Tag
  4. Non Breaking Space Tag

Paragraph Tag

<p> This tag is the most commonly used HTML tag: The <p> requires a </p> tag at the end of the paragraph and is used at the beginning <p> and end of a paragraph in the HTML editor</p>.

You can add the paragraph tags to the start and end of your paragraphs manually using the HTML editor if needed.

 Horizontal Line Tag

<hr> This tag is used to display a line across your page. You can choose the thickness of the line as well as how far you want it to extend. Above i have chosen 100% and the full HTML code i have inserted into the HTML editor is <hr size=4 width=100%>

You can use this code and simply change the size=4 to any size you choose as well as the width=100% to another percentage

 Mailto Tag

The “Mailto” Tag is used to link to an email address.

<A HREF=”mailto:“>Brad Dalton</A>

Brad Dalton

Simply change the email address and name you want linked in orange to your own and place the full line of code in your HTML editor

 Non Breaking Space Tag

&nbsp; This tag is called a non-breaking space tag. Browsers remove spacers in text and only leave one space. If you want more than one space you’ll need to add this tag.

You can also insert this tag to create a space between paragraphs and lines of text

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