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Page Template To Show Title & Image Only In Modern Studio Pro

This template shows only the title and featured image like this :

Title and image only

You can also use the code in this template to :

  • Remove the archive page title and description.
  • Remove or modify the post info in the entry header.
  • Remove or modify the entry meta in the entry footer.
  • Reposition the featured image inline with the entry title.
  • Set the content limit.
  • Align the featured image to the left, middle or right of the content.
  • Use a custom featured image size.
  • Display the excerpt or content with content limit.
  • Modify the read more text.
  • Modify the entire read more link.
  • Use any layout option.
  • Use a different pagination option.
  • Set the posts per page.
  • Exclude or include specific posts only.

Demo Video #

Shows the featured image and post title displayed on each category page in the Modern Studio Pro child theme for Genesis.

Works in any Genesis child theme.

Installation Steps #

There’s only 1 step.

Upload the file to your child theme folder and name the file according to the WordPress Template Hierarchy so it loads on the archive page type(s) you want to customize.

Download Folder

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