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Do You Build Links To Your Blog Using Social Networks?

A great website alone won’t get you traffic.

Spreading your idea’s around to social media networks increases exposure.

Getting your posts in front of people that are interested in your topic is important.

Like the old saying goes:

Build the farm near the river

The more people in your niche who read your blog, the more chance you have of one of them linking.

Linking increases page rank and page rank is used in Google’s ranking algorithm.

If you don’t use social media marketing, you miss out on this chance to build natural links.

Takeaway: Page rank and links are important for increasing your rankings in Google’s search engine. The more posts you share to common interest groups in different social networks, the more traffic and links you will get.

Posting To Social Networks

I know this is a no brainer for many however there are some SEO’s that continue to say PR & Links don’t increase rankings.

What do you think?

How many times a day do you share your blog posts to different social media sites and what do you think are the best social plugins for doing this using WordPress?

How many networks do you share your content to?

Do you think links from social networks like Facebook and Twitter increases your rankings?

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