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3 Themes That Enable You To Create a Website like Pinterest

If you love Pinterest, you’ll want to check out these 3 themes.

Pinpress, Pinboard and Apptha’s Pinterest, enable you to create your own website just like Pinterest.

These themes are also responsive so it’s easy to view on all devices including, mobile, tablets and large screen computers.

If you’re a Genesis framework user, here’s 2 Pinterest style child themes. One by StudioPress and the other built by a community Developer.

[warning]If you’re offended by pictures of scantily clad women in skimpy outfits, be advised this screenshot contains pictures of this nature. Otherwise, go for it![/warning]


Pinpress Pinterest Theme for WordPress

From the outside, this theme looks like its an exact clone of Pinterest.

The developers seem to have done a great job replicating Pinterest but it’s impossible to tell what the quality is like without taking a look in the files and backend.

Some themes look great from the outside but can cause conflicts with plugins if they’re poorly coded.

Apptha Pinterest Theme

Apptha Pinterest Theme

Apptha have also created a Pinterest theme.

They offer a money back guarantee and will also supply you with a reference list of their customers on request.


h3 style=”text-align: center;”>Pinboard by Themify
This would be the one i’d go for if i wanted to start a site like Pinterest.

Based on my experience with Themify, they’re a professional outfit and produce good themes that are popular.

Pinboard by Themify

Pinterest Overtakes Tumblr

Pinterest has now overtaken Tumblr in the United States of America which proves how successful a site like this can be.

The developers have listed a few sites in their showcase which have been created using these themes.

This provides one way to gauge the potential success of creating a site using a WordPress theme that replicates the official Pinterest website.

Which theme do you think is the best for this purpose?

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