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Add WP Editor To Page Template

This code enables you to add a 2nd editor to any page template or any/all edit screens in WordPress. All you need to do is add code to print the content you add to the editor on the front end.

Demo Video

The video shows how you can add the WP Editor to a page template in Genesis which enables you to add content to a section of a page template. In this case its a 2nd content area.

Here’s what it looks like in the edit page screen:

WP Editor Functionality

You can modify the editor using the following settings:

  • enable or disable HTML tags
  • control the height of the editor using pixels or number of rows
  • enable drag & drop upload for media files
  • add or remove media insert/upload buttons
  • position the editor anywhere on your edit page including the sidebar
  • include the editor on any template or any admin screens

Code Installation

After downloading the file below, simply upload the add-wp-editor-meta-box.php file to your child theme folder and include the file by adding the following code to your child themes functions.php file

include_once( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/add-wp-editor-meta-box.php' );

Here’s the file for logged in members:

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