New VaultPress Lite Backup & Restore Comparison

If you didn't already know, VaultPress is owned & managed by the company behind WordPress, Automattic.

They specialize in protecting and securing WordPress sites.

Today they offer a new package which is significantly more affordable than their existing basic and premium plans.

Its also a third of the cost.

Here's what you get if you sign up for the VaultPress Lite plan @ $5 a month:

  • Daily Backup
  • Automated Site Restore
  • 30 days of backups

Considering it costs $75 a year for a premium plugin like Backupbuddy, that's not a bad deal as Backup buddy doesn't offer one click restoration of your files and databases.

You'll also need to download a backup manually every 30 days if you want access to more than one months of backups as the lite plan only stores 30 days of backups.

Who Else Offers Auto Site Backup & Restore

If you're hosting on Blue Hosts servers, you can pay an extra fee and buy one click backup and restore. Otherwise all Blue Host Pro customers get this feature included in the Pro Package.

WPEngine also offers automated daily backup and restore points. On top of this you can create your own restore points not to mention the fact you're also getting the fastest WordPress hosting so your site may load in less than one second like WP Sites normally does.

VaultPress Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing for Vault Press

How About You?

Which method do you use to backup your WordPress files and databases?

Does your plan include a daily auto backup and restoration feature?

How long do you keep your backups for and where do you store them?

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