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A Directory Plugin That Works With Any Theme

Recently i’ve been doing some work for a client who uses the DirectoryPress theme.

After moving the content to a different theme, i started to look for a directory solution.

One of the best solutions i tested is the Business Directory Plugin.

Its a free plugin however you do need to purchase a payment module unless you’re using Google checkout.

The plugin creates a business directory which can be managed for free or paid listings.

Here’s some of the basic features.

Listing Fields

Users can add a listing themselves using the WordPress editor. On top of this, the plugin creates custom fields for their business details and an image.

They then submit the listing for review as a free or paid listings depending on the settings you configure.

Listing Fields


There’s a heap of settings you can configure based on your own situation.

  • Permalink customization
  • Anti Spam reCAPTCHA integration
  • Listing duration
  • Auto responder and auto renewal email customization
  • Featured listings upgrade
  • Default new listing status (Published or Pending review)
  • Require registration and login for listings

The advantage of using this plugin is that you don’t need to create a new site for your directory. It works with all themes.


I tested this plugin on a local installation and it worked without any errors.

The fact that it works with the default WordPress editor makes it easy for anyone who’s ever published a post, easy to use and submit listings to a directory. No need to learn how to use a new theme or system.

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