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Shortcode Plugin for WordPress

Learn more about shortcodes in this video and see how easy it is to add shortcodes to your theme using a plugin.

Some themes offer built in shortcodes¬†which enable you to easily add custom styling and effects like a pro web designer. If your theme doesn’t offer built in shortcodes, you may want to install a shortcode plugin.

A shortcode plugin will make it super easy to style your own blog posts and website pages to your own liking. Add any shortcode simply by clicking the shortcode icon added to your WordPress editor once you install the shortcode plugin.

Once you install a shortcode plugin to any WordPress theme, you enable premium features like:

  • Buttons
  • Highlighting text
  • ToolTips
  • Icon buttons
  • Notification boxes
  • Tabbed content
  • Image sliders
  • Toggle boxes
  • Columns
  • Protected members only content
  • Social media & sharing buttons

Some premium themes like the Woo framework already include many of these shortcodes which are built in to the theme so you don’t need to install a shortcode plugin.

Another option is a plugin named styles with shortcodes which offers even more features for adding shortcodes your your WordPress theme.

Or you could try the Responsive Shortcodes Plugin for WordPress.

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