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Add Unique Header Image To Custom Landing Page Template for Genesis

This code creates a custom landing page template which:

  1. Includes code to remove the default header only from the landing page
  2. A custom function to display a custom header image on the landing page template only

Code Installation

  1. Create a new file named page_landing.php using a code editor like Notepad++ and copy the PHP code from the view raw link into your new file. You can then upload the file to your child themes root directory and select it from the drop down menu in the Page Attributes when creating a new page.
  2. Add the CSS to your child themes style.css file

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5 replies on “Add Unique Header Image To Custom Landing Page Template for Genesis”

Thanks for this, Brad.
I’m trying to add the code for an existing page template, but it also add the custom header image on all the pages over the site.

What can I do?


Hi Brad,

I’m a new member to your site, and so thankful that I have you as an expert to help someone like me, who knows next to nothing about WordPress, let alone how to use CSS codes.

Using your instructions, I was able to adjust the width of my landing page, so thank you for that.

My dilemma: I’ve been having the most excruciating time trying to get an image header to show up on my landing page, which I haven’t published yet, and only in DRAFT mode.

The FULL PATH of the custom site header image that I would like to use is:

My question is: How do I implement the full path into CSS for it to show up on my landing page?

.custom-landing .site-header {

Any help with what to put in CSS using the path that I provided would be of most help. And I’d be forever thankful.


Amazing tutorial. I definitely need something like this. Need to add it on my TODO list.
Thanks so much for everything you do, amazing site! CanĀ“t stop learning from your posts.

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