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Copy Front Page Template With Unique Widget Areas Using Different Background Images – Parallax Pro

This page template in this download folder can be used once only to make an exact copy of the Parallax Pro themes front page.

Note : If you want to copy the front page template for use on more than 1 page, use this version instead.

The code adds custom widget areas enabling you to add unique content to each section.

The solution also adds a new section to the customizer enabling you to add different background images for each section of the template :

customizer unique background images

Demo Video #

Shows the custom page template producing exactly the same result as the front page template with unique content and background images for each section added via customize > Template Background Images.

Installation – Support Included #

There’s 4 steps :

Step 1 – Copy & paste the PHP code from the functions.php file to the end the Parallax Pro themes functions file.

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