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How To Remove The Tagline From The Minimum Pro Theme

The minimum Pro theme by StudioPress includes a tagline area which you modify or remove completely.

with tagline

The easiest way to get rid of the tagline in Minimum Pro is to modify the CSS code which uses that class:

On line 495 of your child themes style.cs file, simply change the code block to this:

.site-tagline {
	background-color: #fff;
	border-bottom: 0px solid #fff;
	padding: 30px 0;
	padding: 3rem 0;

And here’s the result:


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13 replies on “How To Remove The Tagline From The Minimum Pro Theme”

I did some more playing around. What I did get to work was to delete the margin-top spec and change the padding to padding: 10px 0;

I also had to add display:none to the .site-tagline styles down in the responsive section. Not doing this will cause this div to re-appear when the browser window is narrow.

Hi, Brad. I just wrote a post detailing my final solution. In addition to removing the tagline, I applied one of the solutions to making the image truly responsive instead of using backstretch. The post is at.

Thanks for the mention Dan.

Not sure why it didn’t work for you but it did when i tested it which is why i took the screenshot.

Maybe have something to do with removing the PHP code which then removes the classes so the CSS no longer works.

I’ve just installed version 3.0.1 of the Minimum Pro theme. In this version of the theme, this code starts on line 463, and when I change the CSS to what you have above, the site tagline doesn’t disappear at all.

Thanks Brad,

I tried the code above, but it leaves a thin horizontal line where the tagline area used to be.

How can I get rid of that thin line?

Tomas Risberg

Hey Brad!

I’m sorry, but how does the above code snippet remove the .site-tagline exactly? Wouldn’t it be a “display: none;”?

It removes the margin and reduces the padding which you will find works perfectly.

Using display: none removes the entire container which causes problems i found after testing.

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