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Reposition Entry Title Full Width Before Content Sidebar Wrap

This tutorial shows you how to make the entry title in the entry header extend the full width of the post or page.

Basically it repositions the entry header elements before the content sidebar wrap so they extend full width above the content area and sidebar.

I saw this question on the StudioPress community forums recently and decided to see what i could come up with.

I would like to add a sidebar on the left hand side of my posts to include article tools like Facebook and Twitter share buttons. I would like this to display much like on the New York Times story pages (i.e. this sidebar would be positioned immediately next to the post text but beneath the headline and any images). For an example of this positioning.

Here’s a screen shot of the page they linked to:


nytimes post layout

And here’s something i put together within a couple of hours using the Genesis Sample theme by StudioPress.



I would probably need to spend another hour to get it looking exactly the same as what the NYPost uses.

Here’s all the code i used.

You can also reposition the entry header (post title) before the content on single posts only using this code:

Layout Settings

You’ll also need to use the correct layout settings:

layout settings

You can also conditionally change the layout using code.

Other Options

6 replies on “Reposition Entry Title Full Width Before Content Sidebar Wrap”

Will it work with Genesis sample theme ? I mean sidebars are separated from content because of the background. I would like to combine secondary sidebar and content only. How do I ?

It was tested on the Genesis Sample Theme.

Please post your question on the StudioPress forums. Thanks.

I had no idea that I wanted to do this, until I read this. What a great way to highlight the title and get more content higher up!

I totally agree with you Herb, this is a great looking post arrangement for a news website.
i’ve got a new website i want to apply this to and this tutorial it’s great.

Great news, how have you been? Yeah it is amazing how simple and effective some of the solutions are here on this website : )

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