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3 Ways To Manually Update Genesis Post Date With The Modified Date On Individual Posts

This tutorial provides 3 different solutions which enable you to change the post date for each individual post in Genesis child themes.

  1. The 1st solution uses the ACF plugin which adds a True/False button to the Edit Post admin screen on every single post/page that looks like this –
  2. Change Genesis Post Info True or False

  3. The 2nd solution enables you to use WordPress custom fields with PHP code.
  4. The 3rd solution provides the code in a separate download folder which adds a checkbox.

Demo Video

Shows a single post date updated to the current date using the True/False button added to the edit post screen

Tested using the Genesis Sample child theme by StudioPress however will work in any Genesis child theme.

Solution 1

There’s 2 steps –

# Step 1 : Copy & paste the PHP code from the functions file ( without the opening PHP tag ) to the end of your child themes functions file.

functions file PHP code

# Step 2 : Install the ACF plugin ( Free or premium version ) and import the file named acf.json located at Custom Fields > Tools > Import file in your WordPress Dashboard like this –

ACF Custom Fields Tools Import File

Download Folder – Solution 1

Here’s a look inside the download folder containing the 2 files you need to access for steps 1 & 2.

Download Folder Files

Solution 2

If you prefer not to use the ACF plugin, you can use WordPress custom fields like this with the code from step 1 solution 1 :

WordPress custom fields

On each single post edit screen, create a new custom field named post_modified_date and add 1 as the value if you want to update the post date in the post info.

Solution 3

This method provides the code which enables you to add a checkbox to the Edit Post screen like this –

Checkbox Meta Box Code

To use this solution, copy & paste the PHP code from functions.php to the end of your child themes functions file and upload the folder named meta-boxes to your child themes root directory like this –

Meta Boxes Folder

Download Folder – Solution 3

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