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Setting Up Authorship Verification Of Your Content in Google’s Search Results

AuthorSure allows you to setup Google’s authorship markup on your WordPress site.

You can display a faceshot in Google’s search results by setting up links that allow Google to verify your authorship of the posts on your WordPress site.

Once you have installed and activated the WordPress plugin, you’ll need to navigate to the AuthorSure settings and configure the plugin settings.

Another option is to view the video tutorials created by the plugin author.

Post Settings

Post Settings

Archive Settings

Archive Settings

Page Settings

AuthorSure Page Settings

Homepage Settings

AuthorSure Home Page Settings

These are the exact settings i have used for this site.

You’ll need to wait a few days for your image to show up next to your post links in Google’s search results.

2 replies on “Setting Up Authorship Verification Of Your Content in Google’s Search Results”

I Have installed above above plugin and configure but after two days my image is not showing in google search

Hello Raj

You don’t have your image in your author box on each post.

You don’t have an author archive page with your image.

Why are you hiding your image?

Google DOES NOT guarantee they will display your image.

Your image, once setup properly, can take at least 7 days to display

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