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Redirect Comment Authors To a Thank You Landing Page

Readers which leave comments on your blog are valued readers as they have taken the time to add content to your site and enter in their contact details.

Comments are very valuable for many reasons:

  1. Your readers that leave comments are one of the best sources of prospective subscribers as they have engaged and close to subscribing if they haven’t already
  2. Your prospective customers and clients are more interested in what other people are saying about you than what you are saying about yourself. Agree?

We all know that replying to comments is an effective way to get more comments, but how about converting these into subscribers?

If you make a comment on this blog you’ll see an example of what happens when you do this.

If you redirect your comments to a thank page its far more personal than seeing a blank page which is very common on many blogs. Don’t you agree?

On your thank you page you can also invite them to subscribe as well as giving them several good reasons on why they should. No hard sell, but proof you have the content they like reading which they can benefit from.


Edit this code with the URL to the page you want your comment authors to go to after commenting and paste into your child themes functions file.

You can see the filter in the WordPress wp-comments-post.php file around line 155.

Setup Landing Page

Landing pages are more effective than a simple default page. This has been proven time and time again.

The theme i am using includes a built in page specifically designed for creating effective landing pages without the need for technical skills. There’s 7 different page lead templates to choose. All you do is create the html in your WP editor and paste it in.

Whichever way you choose to go, do try creating a special page for thanking your readers for leaving a comment as you can also increase your subscribers.

What To Include

  1. Thank you message for leaving a comment including the real reason why you value yours readers who leave comments and subscribe.
  2. Several reasons on why your readers should subscribe
  3. Opt in form box for Feedburner or email service

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8 replies on “Redirect Comment Authors To a Thank You Landing Page”

Hey Brad,

I’m currently preparing my new blog for launch and I have decided to put a huge focus on email marketing and getting new subscribers. I guess this really could help and I just discovered my comment plugin (CommentLuv) supports the redirect function.

Thanks for the tips,


I love your thank you page, after commenting. Would you happen to know how to do the same thing, but with a pop up box instead of a landing page?

Good question

I have the code for the after comment landing page. The code for a popup would be in any of the popup plugins.

Not sure how long popups will last as i think while they’re trending at the moment, time will tell if they remain effective.

You could add the redirect URL to your popup to the code provided and see if that works.

Which popup plugin are you using?

I am not currently using a popup plugin, still looking into whether or not I want to join the pop up band wagon.

They work but not sure how long people stay signed up for if they’re pressured to do so in the beginning.

Hey Brad, Great Post!

I recently came across a Premium plugin called Comment Redirect with pop up and I was amazed by its customization and how it works. I was able to add my Constant Contact information to the pop so when anyone comments they are redirected then asked to opt in to my mailing service. It was way better than the one by Yoast. I stumbled on your post and thought that this would be a great use to you.

all the best


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