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Headway Theme for WordPress – NO Coding Needed To Achieve Unique Customization

Headway is a WordPress theme which allows you to customize your website or blog resulting in your own unique appearance and style on the web.

Many other WordPress theme providers also offer customization options as long as you are prepared to put in the time and effort and learn how to edit and add PHP & CSS code.

In this short intro of the Headway theme, i’ll show you how you can easily create your own unique layout, color scheme and site features using a drop & drag method rather than coding.


Here’s a walk through showing the unique visual design layouts you can achieve for your own site using the visual design options the Headway theme for WordPress gives you.

Introduction Video – Overview

Headway 2.0 Intro Video from Headway Themes

If you already have an understanding of WordPress but don’t have time to learn coding, i recommend Headway as the best option in this case.

You can still add HTML, CSS & PHP if you like or simply use the drag and drop features the visual editor offers you. What you see is what you get when using the visual editor.

Visual Styling & Design Editor

Headway Visual Editor from Headway Themes on Vimeo.

Learn more about the visual editor

Take a look at some of the WordPress sites made using Headway and you’ll see what i mean. You can create amazing sites which are visually stunning as long as you know how to use Headway.

Headway is easier to use than other premium themes like Thesis and Studiopress and they also provide a range of Videos to guide you through the visual design know how.

Not unlike the WordPress Visual editor, Headway’s visual design means you don’t need to dig into code to change the look and feel of your blog or website.

Quick Start Wizard

When you first install WordPress you may have no idea what layout or colors to use. If you already have a logo, header or banner designed, Headway will match those colors and offer recommendations based on the width of your banner or header image.

Headway Quick Start Wizard from Headway Themes

I recommend you take a look at Headway’s best bits if you are finding coding technically challenging and want to design your own WordPress site rather than use the services of a web designer.

Headway installs the same as any other WordPress theme so your existing WordPress content will not be effected when changing themes.

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