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How To Start a WordPress Blog for Beginners

WordPress is blogging software which you can use to create a blog or website for your business or personal interests. WordPress is open source meaning it is available for download free of charge.

Downloading and installing WordPress has never been easier as the best Web hosts now provide a simple one click installation tool for WordPress.

Ready to get started? Simply follow these 3 simple steps:

Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain is like choosing your own unique online address. The best addresses are being snapped up fast. Read more on how to choose the right domain name and secure your online address.

Choose a Web Host

Not every web host supports WordPress. Here’s a list of the best web hosts which specialize in hosting WordPress. Using the right web servers for hosting WordPress is important. Learn more here.

Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is simple if your web host uses a one click installation tool. No need to download the software for manual installation. Here’s more on how to install WordPress to your live server.

Already Own A Website?

Adding a blog to your website can increase targeted traffic from the search engines like Google by over 50% as well as increase leads by over 80%.

Whats Next?

Don’t forget to grab the Free Guide to Getting Started with WordPress

This Guide will come in handy after installing WordPress and covers all the most important WordPress setup steps.

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