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Post Video Players, Slideshow Albums, Photo Galleries and a Music-Podcast Playlist

Searching for the best way to add videos, photo galleries, slideshows, Cooliris gallery, podcast and music to your site? Or the easiest multi media solution for WordPress?

I wish i had of found this media solution before putting in all the time & effort setting up Next Gen gallery as i think this looks far better and certainly offers more features and is easier to setup.

The reason i say this is because i have found most gallery plugins require a fair bit of custom coding needed to add clickable links and other useful customization which is generally not standard.

With Cincopa you don’t need to download, install and setup a video player, audio player or gallery for WordPress. Its all hosted on their server so all you do is upload media files & insert the tag in a post or page.

Cincopa offers a really nice gallery which seems to upload far faster than Next Gen and comes with a really nice light box which pops up when the image is clicked and automatically adjusts according to the original size of the image.

Displaying the best quality images is easy with this plugin unlike some media plugins which resize images which doesn’t look to crash hot. The lightbox can be used for videos as well.

Try the Demo

Another reason i like Cincopa is because they offer a free account where you can host all your video’s, images and audio files. There’s also a small icon added in the WordPress editor for really easy insertion of the media tag.

Create Your Own Gallery

Once you have registered for a free account you can install the free plugin and start inserting images, galleries, video & Audio files into your posts & pages.

Media Library Options


You will need to change this setting to Full Excerpt to display your media gallery in WordPress

Cincopa Options

You need to register for a free Cincopa account and then install the WordPress plugin to use Cincopa. The plugin has been downloaded over 600,000 times already which is normally a good indication that its one of the best plugins for WordPress.

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Great post. I was hunting for a simple gallery solution when your newsletter arrived. Cincopa filled the bill perfectly. Thanks.

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