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Finding Specific Help With WordPress

Need help with WordPress?

Have a question which you need answered?

Based on my own personal experience, i’ve worked out what i think are some of the best help groups, forums and resources for WordPress users.

Free Forums

The Official WordPress Forums – If you ask the right questions in the right forum, the chances are you will get the best answers in the fastest possible time frame.

The quality of support here is excellent because the people that man these forums are highly experienced including automatticians.

Each plugin and theme has its own forum providing you access to the people who have the most experience with specific problem solving.

WordPress Stack Exchange – Excellent forums specifically for more advanced, non common questions about WordPress.

You’ll find some excellent coding solutions here plus answers to questions you may not find on the official WordPress forums.

There’s some very impressive WordPress experts who provide answers on the stack exchange forums. If you need to some custom code, stack exchange is one of your best bets.

Premium Theme Support

No doubt the developer of any premium plugins or themes you purchase will provide support for a certain period of time, some lifetime.

Thesis (DIY Themes) – Good premium theme support for customization based on my experience comes from Thesis.

They provide support for customization and you get access to an excellent users guide containing a library of code blocks, snippets and high quality tutorials.

Thesis have recently updated their theme framework to version 2.0 which i am not familiar with and probably won’t be writing about in the near future.

Genesis/StudioPress (Copyblogger Media) – The support system here has changed and is now one on one. Nick the geek has an excellent understanding of the Genesis theme framework and StudioPress themes.

StudioPress provide an excellent range of tutorials on both the founders blog (Brian Gardner) StudioPress and (more videos coming soon)

They also provide an excellent community forum for customization and WordPress related questions. This forum is manned by fulltime WordPress Developers and Designers who volunteer their time and expertise to all Genesis child theme users.

Premium Plugin Support

Plugins are also customizable and some of the most popular premium plugins provide excellent support.

Gravity Forms – The most popular premium plugin for WordPress also provides excellent support for creating different types of contact forms using their plugin.

Wordfence – This is a free plugin which also provides excellent support and offers premium upgrades. Mark Maunder is the owner and lead developer of the security plugin. They give priority email support to their paid customers and any issue they have is escalated above what free customers get.

S2member – Free and premium membership plugin for WordPress which provide support for both versions. Excellent support for premium users and good community support from s2member users for free users.

Wishlist – Premium only membership plugin proving excellent direct one on one support from the owner.

List of WordPress Resources

Here you’ll find a list of both free and premium resources for WordPress.

The list of Resources for WordPress users includes:

  • WordPress Blogs & Beginners Guides
  • Popular SEO Blogs
  • Free and Premium Support Forums
  • HTML, CSS & PHP Code
  • Beginners Video’s
  • Premium Resources – Products & Services

Help from WP Sites

I’m happy to answers questions and enjoy providing support to readers of this blog.

On top of the 800+ blog posts you’ll find on, here’s a few tips on how to best use this sites resources.

Google Custom Search Box – I use this multiple times a day to find the content need access to. Its the fastest way to find exactly what you need to typing in 2-4 keywords. The results are highly accurate compared to the default search function which isn’t the best.

You’ll find the search box in the sidebar on all single posts.

Request a Tutorial – You are welcome to request a tutorial be written. I may even make a video if you prefer this type of content. Please contact me if you have a tutorial request.

Direct Questions – I’d prefer you asked questions using the comments section on a post which contains content relating to your question.

If you can’t find a post using the Google custom search box, you are welcome to use the contact form and ask me anything.

Videos – I have created over 170 videos posted on Youtube.

If you have a question about any of these, please firstly ask it using the Youtube comments section for each video.

Finding Specific video content – Go to Browse Videos and try the Search Channel box or simple scroll through the video

Alternatively, you can use the contact form on this site of your prefer.


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It’s not compulsory and i don’t expect it, however you may like to show your gratitude which is why i have created a PayPal setup to receive massive amounts of money!!!!

Got any good tips on where to find the best answers to WordPress related questions?

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