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Single Posts In Tabs Using Genesis

The code in this tutorial enables you to create tabs ( using code, not plugin ) which display the entry title, featured image and content limit. You can also add a custom image in replace of the featured image, If no custom image added, the featured image will be used.

The tutorial is written based on the following question :

Is there any way to force Genesis Tabs (or Genesis Tabs Extended) plugin to use a picture other than “featured image”? I use Genesis News Pro theme and need to promote a few articles. I tried different sliders, but none of them looks as good as Genesis Tabs…

Here’s the demo video.

Watch Demo Video #

Shows how the featured image is displayed unless a custom is added to the post via a custom field name tab_image. Also shows how you can control how many rows of menu items are displayed at specific screen widths using media queries with CSS Grid.


You can display single posts, pages and custom post types by post ID.

Code Installation #

There’s 3 files in the download folder.

Step 1 : Copy the PHP code from the functions.php file in the download folder to the end of your child themes functions.php file.

Step 2 : Copy the CSS from the style.css file in the download folder to the end of your child themes style.css file. Clear caching.

Here’s the download folder for logged in members:

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